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Bilateral Orchidectomy, with or without excision of scrotal skin can be a definitive or intervening step for Trans Feminine patients on their journey..

Removal of scrotal skin should be considered carefully, since this tissue is used in the creation of the neovagina, and once removed is not available for use later on. Similarly, some patients get significant scrotal skin retraction following removal of the testicles. This can also reduce the amount of skin available for further neovaginal creation.

Some patients suffer significant side effects from their anti-androgen medications. Orchidectomy can help eradicate these side effects by removing the need for the anti-androgen therapy.

This procedure can be combined with other surgeries.


Breast Augmentation

Mr Andrew Ives believes breast surgery is about what you want to achieve. There’s no pressure to conform to a one-size-fits-all solution; each procedure is tailored to give the result you desire.

Having a breast shape and size that you feel comfortable with can play a significant role in your confidence. The impacts can be both physical and emotional: you may dislike the way you look, experience physical discomfort, struggle to find clothes that fit, or feel less feminine and sensual. For women who have had one or both breasts removed, there may also be a feeling of loss.

Whether you are seeking breast surgery in Melbourne for reconstructive purposes after a mastectomy, to reduce discomfort related to size, or to enhance your existing shape, Mr Ives and his team will ensure you are treated in a sensitive and professional manner. They understand that breast surgery is a highly personal procedure and their goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible during consultations, surgery and post-surgical appointments.