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Meet Our Team

Enjoying a distinguished medical career, Mr Andrew Ives is a highly skilled plastic, reconstructive and gender reassignment surgeon with extensive experience. Mr Ives is passionate about the positive changes that plastic surgery can make in people’s lives and feels privileged to have such a rewarding career.

Originally from the United Kingdom, Mr Ives graduated from Liverpool University in 1989 with a Bachelor of Medicine (MB) and a Bachelor of Surgery (ChB). Beginning his career at Liverpool’s Whiston Hospital, Mr Ives was president of the hospital’s Junior Medical Association from 1989-1990, before migrating to Australia in 1991. Read more >>

Mr Ives practised in Queensland for ten years, working as the first resident plastic surgeon in Toowoomba from 2000 to 2005, and developing the first public plastic surgery service in the city, before moving to the Sunshine Coast and opening a successful cosmetic surgery practice there. In 2010, Mr Ives returned to Melbourne to establish his current practice and was publically appointed to the State Adult Burns Unit at The Alfred Hospital as well as taking up an appointment as a Visiting Medical Officer in the plastic surgical unit at The Northern Hospital.

Mr Ives is a member of numerous professional associations relating to plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery and regularly seeks out new developments through conferences and industry journals. Andrew also enjoys giving back to the plastic surgery community by assisting potential plastic surgeons with their training.

With over twenty years of surgical experience, Mr Ives’ comprehensive approach to patient care guarantees a safe and secure surgical experience. Mr Ives and his team handle all aspects of the surgical procedure with the utmost care and consideration, to ensure the best possible surgical outcome for each patient.

If you wish to learn more about the procedures offered by Mr Ives, please fill out the contact form here and a member of our team will respond to your query.

M.B. Ch.B(UK), FRACS (Plast.Recon.Surg.)

Andrew Ives


I originate from the UK and moved here to Australia to work with Mr Ives in October 2018.

I started my career as an Enrolled Nurse back in the 1970’s and in 1993 converted to become a first level registered nurse. Completed my BSc (Hons) in 2012.

In 2003/4 I commenced working with the UK surgeons who performed Genital Reconstructive Surgery. (Vaginoplasty/Labioplasty), due to personal circumstances I left that role just after a year but kept in touch with the speciality. Read more >>

I returned to the Gender Identity Clinic in 2009 to learn and work with all the patients in the clinic and my speciality was to be Endocrine and It was a group of those patients who nominated me for the NHS Hero award as well as the “Caring’ Category in the local hospital/clinic Quality awards in 2012. I was also still involved with the surgical side and was the surgical first assistant in theatre. I updated all the hospital leaflets and care pathway for the surgical patients.

I also at the same time started working alongside a psychiatrist and endocrinologist in a small private clinic where I had my own clinics which involved teaching of self-injecting testosterone, endocrine reviews, phlebotomy and ladies who were struggling with dilation or general issues around surgery.

So, in 2018 I had the opportunity to move over to Melbourne to work alongside Andrew and am so excited about what lies ahead. I love my role and very passionate about my patients and the work that I do.

I will be under taking clinics for pre-operative consultations, drain removal and dressing changes as well as clinics for post-surgery GRS, I will have clinics set up for ad hoc issues so if patients need to be seen sooner, I hope to able to do this. I am based in the hospital so will be on and around the ward daily and I have an email address for patients to contact me I am interested in and will be completing audit and research work, so we can present at our conferences. I would like all patients that come to us to have a smooth, excellent standard of care and a safe surgical journey and I look forward very much to be part of that journey.

On a personal note:
I have a diploma in Psychology and also in Criminology.
I like meals out and I love watching a game of Rugby!!! I also do cross stitch and read in my spare time as well.

Quotes from the award ceremony
Iffy Middleton stands out as the most caring, dedicated, helpful, professional, and wonderful individuals I have had the pleasure of being treated by. She goes out of her way to do everything she can to help you, always greets you with a huge smile and genuinely cares about how you are. She is greatly loved by her patients.” Service Manager, from the clinic said, “Iffy has earned the nickname among patients as Saint Iffy. We’re all really proud of Iffy for receiving these awards, she couldn’t be more deserving.

Michelle has worked in Medical Administration and Patient Liaison for the best part of three decades with some of Australia’s leading surgeons across a variety of medical fields.

Michelle’s experience in these areas enables her to assist you in your journey from the initial consultation with Mr Ives. She gives every patient the understanding and respect required to ensure that their visit to our rooms is as comfortable and informative as possible.



Elisa has worked in the medical industry for over 10 years. She has worked with various specialists, with a keen interest in Plastic Surgery. Prior to this, she completed a Bachelor in Science/Psychology and has worked in Human Resources. 

Elisa is dedicated to ensuring patient comfort and satisfaction. She assists patients who are considering gender surgery and has a thorough understanding of the surgical process. She will make you feel at ease and well-informed throughout your entire experience with us.

Elisa is here to answer your questions and co-ordinate your surgery. Her extensive knowledge in this industry will guide you through your consultation process and help assist you in making this journey a pleasant one. 

Originally from Russia Tatyana moved to Australia in 1997, and has worked as a Registered nurse at Masada Private Hospital since 1999.

After 25 years of dedicated service on the General ward, Tatyana has joined the team at Transsurgery Australia, where she brings a wealth of nursing knowledge and expertise. Tatyana is interested in Transgender healthcare and would like to continue to provide the best possible patients care .

Outside of work, Tatyana enjoys travelling, classical ballet and tennis.