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New Patients

Whatever your reason for considering plastic surgery, you have probably been giving it a lot of thought. This may be the first time you have considered plastic surgery or one of the other non surgical procedures offered by Mr Andrew Ives and his team, or just the first time you are considering a procedure with Mr Ives’ practice. Whatever your situation, the team is dedicated to ensuring you are comfortable and confident with your choice. Mr Ives and his team pride themselves on providing the highest level of professional care. Mr Ives is fully qualified in plastic surgery by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, a member of many professional surgical associations, and has over a decade of experience. Plastic surgery can be life changing and Mr Ives strongly encourages prospective patients to carefully consider who they choose to perform their procedures. Choosing the right surgeon can make the difference between a successful result and a costly and devastating mistake.

To achieve the best outcome, accurate information is key. Information about plastic surgery is now easily available courtesy of the internet, but not all of it is correct or applicable to your personal situation. In the Planning Your Treatment section, you can find recommendations for reliable sources of information on plastic, reconstructive or cosmetic surgery.

Information is also essential in helping Mr Ives and his team determine the best procedure to obtain your desired result. It is important that you are specific about what you are hoping to achieve with your procedure and that you answer any questions honestly and in full. There are many reasons why your openness and candour are vital, and these are covered in more detail on the Planning Your Treatment page.

Finally, following your surgeon’s advice about preparing for your operation and what to do after your procedure will ensure your best chance at a complete and satisfactory recovery.