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Considering Genital Reconstructive Surgery

If you are thinking of seeing Mr Ives for genital surgery, here is a checklist of things that you will need to organise, or at least start getting prepared for your surgery. Starting these now will speed up your preoperative journey :

BMI – Mr Ives has a limit of a BMI of 28 for vaginoplasty and 30 for labiaplasty (no vaginal cavity) at the time of surgery. If you are having one of these procedures and come into hospital on the day of surgery and your BMI exceeds these values, your surgery will be postponed until you reach the required BMI. Cancellation fees will apply if this occurs on the day of surgery.

WPATH requirements – Mr Ives will need a report from either a psychiatrist or a clinical psychologist for this report. If you do not see one of these mental health specialists currently, then organising an initial consult with one of them, at the very least, will speed up your journey to surgery.

Hair removal – This should be started sooner rather than later if you are considering a vaginoplasty. Whilst this is not mandatory, we strongly recommend that you undertake it, since removal of hair from the vaginal cavity permanently post operatively is essentially impossible.

Private insurance – This is mandatory for genital surgery. If you do not have private insurance then you will need to take it out and wait the waiting period, this is usually twelve months. Also ensure that you have the right level of cover for the surgery…… if you are uncertain about this you can contact the Rooms for further information.

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