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Choosing Your Surgeon 2018-02-08T05:12:19+00:00

Choosing Your Surgeon

Having plastic surgery is a life changing decision, one that will permanently affect the way you look and function. With such far-reaching implications, it is imperative to make sure you have complete confidence in the person performing your procedure. In Australia, anyone with a medical degree can call themselves a cosmetic surgeon and perform cosmetic surgery procedures, as long as the patient has given permission for the procedure to be carried out. This means that patients are at risk of being operated on by someone who has no surgical training. The results of these procedures can be devastating and may be irreversible. This is why, when you are choosing someone to perform your plastic surgery procedure, you should carefully consider a number of points.

Top Ten considerations when choosing a Plastic Surgeon

This list is by no means exhaustive but provides a starting point in determining which plastic surgeon is right for you.